Trek and Train - Gentle Canine Dog Training
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Trek and Train

Have you wanted to explore Durango area trails with your dog, but not sure how to get started?  Maybe you are new to Durango?  Maybe you haven’t wanted to go it alone (there’s a lot to know about our trails) and you would feel better learning with some seasoned hikers and dog experts and our Trek and Train class is a perfect fit!

Who We Are
We are Durango Colorado professional dog trainers who also love to hike with our dogs.  Amber Pickren is a CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer) who has also spent several years volunteering for Durango area Search and Rescue on both land and water.  Search and Rescue volunteers have to understand a vast amount about the landscape and also how to take care of themselves during a search so they stay safe.  Amber is also an accomplished rock climber, lifeguard, and raft guide.  Amber has travelled all over the world and all over Colorado.

Quick Break on a Trek and Train Excursion

What To Bring and Wear

Bring a flat collar or harness and two leashes. One must be a 6-foot leather or nylon lead. Bring ANY extra collars and harnesses that you normally use with your dog and we will help you choose the best ones for a hike. Bring any backpacks, booties, or jackets that you might use on your dog. This is the place to get your gear checked out and figure out the best thing for hiking. Bring a bowl and water. Bring a TON of treats AND a treat pouch!

Comfortable shoes that you know you can walk in. If you are planning on wearing Chaco’s or similar sandal ALSO bring tennis/hiking shoes and socks. We will talk about footwear for humans. Bring several snacks (mixed nuts, power bars, etc.) and bring more than you need for a 2 hour hike.

We will cover the reasons why. Bring a camelback/bladder pack or a daypack with at least 2 water bottles that you can carry. You don’t have to buy a pack specifically for Trek and Train™ we will go over features that work particularly well for hiking with your dog and then you can decide what you might want to get. Wear comfortable hiking clothing and bring any extra clothing you feel you might need for a hike. This is the place to find out if your gear is going to work. Bring all your water.

Cost is $50 per team. Please only one dog per handler for this class. All handlers must be at least 16 years old and have a parent with them.

You will not use hiking poles during this class. Although some of you may be experienced in hiking with poles not all dogs are used to people hiking with poles and we don’t want to upset dogs that aren’t ready for that sort of thing. We can talk about how to get a dog accustomed to poles during the class.

This is a learning hike. We are preparing you to feel more comfortable to go it alone or have the knowledge if you go with friends. Too many times dogs or people get hurt in the wilderness because they thought someone else knew what to do in an emergency. Don’t be the person who relies on others for advice and training during the hike – be the person with the knowledge!

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