Durango Dog Training Services | Dog Training for Aggression
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Durango and Farmington Dog Training Services
Aggression Training

Has your dog  been growling, fighting or has bitten? We understand how frustrating it is, but these are not bad dogs. Here’s the deal…dogs that solve problems with their mouth need help communicating their discomfort in other ways. In 90% of the cases dogs that use force to make their point are really just fearful underneath. Our approach to aggression is smart, simple, and effective.

Trek & Train

Have you wanted to explore Durango area trails with your dog, but not sure how to get started?  Maybe you are new to Durango?  Maybe you haven’t wanted to go it alone (there’s a lot to know about our trails) and you would feel better learning with some seasoned hikers and dog experts and our Trek and Train class is a perfect fit!

Dog In Training on Main Street
 Manners and CGC Training

The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test is an official title of the AKC offered to dogs of all mixed and pure breed dogs.  Recently the AKC has added a second level to the CGC test that builds on the skills of the first test.  You may not use food or toy rewards during either test, but you can use food or toys during training.  You may talk to your dog during either test.  Here are the first 10 skills a dog/handler team is tested on.  Practice for the CGC can happen during everyday errands.

Nosework Training

What is nosework?  Derived from scent detection dogs it’s a way for pet dogs to learn how to use their nose to scent out things on cue.  It’s simple for humans to practice and provides excellent mental stimulation for dogs.