Durango Dog Training for Aggression - Gentle Canine Dog Training
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Durango Dog Training for Aggression

Durango and Farmington Dog Training Specializing in Aggression

Have you had trouble at the dog park? Is your dog growling at your or the new baby? Did you bring home a new dog and now the new and old dog are fighting? Is your dog lunging and barking at other dogs or at strangers? Has you dog bitten a person or another dog?

These are just a sample of the behavior problems we address on a daily basis. We understand how frustrating it is to have a dog that has less than stellar behavior, but these are not bad dogs. Here’s the deal…dogs that solve problems with their mouth need help communicating their discomfort in other ways. In 90% of the cases dogs that use force to make their point are really just fearful underneath.

Our approach to aggression is smart, simple, and effective. We give you tools that you can use in any environment. We teach you about dog body language and what signals the dogs are sending you and each other. We teach you how to set the environment around your dog up for success and then we train your dog!

We work with all breeds and all sizes of dogs (yes, we work with pitbulls).

Our trainers are Nationally Certified. Together they have over 30 years of experience with dog behavior. You can read Amber’s bio to learn more about the trainers. Our approach to training is gentle but effective. Our goal is to get your dog back on track so you can get on with your hikes, camping, agility, obedience, or whatever it was you enjoyed doing with your dog.

We Also Offer…

Canine Good Citizen Test and Training which is a recognized title by the AKC. Canine Good Citizen tests dogs for 10 different skills! There are two levels of this test. Get started on the first skills test today.

Trek and Train™ is our backcountry program where we take dogs and owners hiking on local trails. If you have ever wanted to take your dog hiking in Colorado, but were a little intimidated how to get started…this is for you. Colorado Trails aren’t like anything you’ve ever experienced. We have rapid river crossings, cliff drop offs, bears, wildcats, snakes, and altitude. Have fun and be safe while training with us!

NoseWork This sport is taking the dog world by storm. Ever wanted your dog to find your cellphone, keys, or your kid? This is how you get started! Let us show you how amazing your dog and her nose can be. We teach you how to do this right in your living room. It’s a great way to train the dog and stop feeling guilty for not taking your dog to the park. Perfect for dogs of all ages and abilities.

We come to you. Our private lessons are flexible and we work with your schedule. You don’t have to drag the entire family plus dogs to a training center where the behavior isn’t happening or where your dog is overwhelmed and can’t focus at all. Over time we can meet you at local parks and other areas to practice what you have learned. We find private lessons are the easiest and most convenient way to work with dogs.

Please call or text us for pricing. We promise no hard selling. It’s easier for us to determine how much it will cost after we talk with you and understand your unique situation.

Or fill out the form below and tell us about your dog and what problem behavior you are dealing with. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

Contact Us To Get Started Today!