Private Lessons - Gentle Canine Dog Training
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Private Lessons

Our private lessons focus on your personal training goals. We can cover anything from puppy manners to behavior issues. With every private lesson we come up with a personalized training protocol that will work for you and your family. Our goal is you give you the tools, and skill set you will need to be successful with your dog.

We focus on real world training, we understand that training goals vary, and take us to all sorts of places. We also understand that sometimes its difficult to get your dog to focus on trail or downtown, so we meet you there to start training.

In home training is great for families with busy schedules, we work around your schedule and help to teach everyone in your household how to train your dog. If you have kids that you would like involved in training, we teach kids how to help train the family dog in a safe and fun manner.

Our private lessons often cover-

Loose leash walking (around the neighborhood, river trail, downtown, etc.)

In home issues- potty training, chewing, not coming when called, jumping up, darting out of doors

Getting that solid recall- around the house, on hiking trails or around town

Proper socialization- with people and dogs

Fearful dogs and leash reactivity

We also teach trail running with your dog and SUP with your dog during the summer months

Let us know what your goals are and we can help get you there!