Nosework - Gentle Canine Dog Training
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Excellent mental stimulation to help tire dogs naturally...

What is nosework?  Derived from scent detection dogs it’s a way for pet dogs to learn how to use their nose to scent out things on cue.  It’s simple for humans to practice and provides excellent mental stimulation for dogs.

Don’t have time to take your rambunctious dog on 2-hour hikes everyday?  No problem.  Nosework can engage your dog in 20 minutes making them tired in the process.

Have a reactive or aggressive dog?  Nosework is the perfect solution to working your dog by himself and feeling accomplished in the process.  In fact, we specialize in reactive dogs and we often have them doing Nosework in public with other dogs and people around.

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Leash laws got you down?  We teach Nosework on leash.

Nosework is open to puppies and dogs of all ages.  We have started puppies as young as 8 weeks and dogs as old as 13 years.

Technically Nosework is a sport with competitions and rules.  Don’t worry if you aren’t the competitive type.  Your dog can have years of fun learning and searching without ever being judged.

We teach Nosework as private lessons.  Contact us to get started.

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