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Manners and CGC Training

Your Durango And Farmington Canine Good Citizen Testing Source

The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test is an official title of the AKC offered to dogs of all mixed and pure breed dogs.  Recently the AKC has added a second level to the CGC test that builds on the skills of the first test.  You may not use food or toy rewards during either test, but you can use food or toys during training.  You may talk to your dog during either test.  Here are the first 10 skills a dog/handler team is tested on.  Practice for the CGC can happen during everyday errands.

Puppy training, Farmington, NM
  1. Accept a Friendly Stranger.
  2. Sitting Politely for Petting.
  3. Appearance and Grooming.
  4. Walking on a Loose Leash
  5. Walking Through a Crowd
  6. Sit, Down, and Stay
  7. Come When Called
  8. Reaction to Another Dog
  9. Reaction to Distraction
  10. Supervised Separation

It’s a good list of skills to work towards.  If there are some things on this list that make you cringe a little – don’t worry we can help you teach your dog the skills to pass the test and then we can test you.  You will have plenty of opportunity to practice before being tested.  The goal is success of skill, not the actual testing.

Once you pass the CGC you qualify for the CGCA test.  Dogs of any age can take the CGCA test.  The next set of skills for the second level CGC test called the AKC Community Canine with a title of CGCA (A for advanced).  This test is done in a natural setting like downtown or a park (not dog park) as opposed to the CGC that can be done in an indoor classroom or show ring type setting.

The prerequisites are…

  •  Must have the CGC title
  •  Must have an AKC registered number (pure breed dogs) or a Canine Partner number (mixed/mutts).  This is a formality so your dog can have his title matched to his name.
  1. Stand, Sit, or Down with a “stay” while owner does a task.
  2. Loose Leash walking through a series of turns.
  3. Loose Leash walking through a crowd.
  4. Walking past the distraction of dogs without pulling
  5. Sit-Stay in a group of 3 other dog/handler teams
  6. Allows stranger with a backpack or holding something to approach and pet them
  7. “Leave it” as walking past food.  Owner says “leave it”.
  8.  Sit or Down “Stay” with owner 20 feet away picking something up.
  9. Recall from 20 feet away with distractions.
  10. Wait at doorway until owner asks dog to walk through.

All of the above exercises are done ON leash.  In the distance exercises the dog has a long line attached.  All exercises are done on a flat collar or harness.

Sounds exciting, huh!  I bet you do half of these items without even realizing it.  Plus it gives you a realistic goal to reach for and some bragging rights.  When my dog Hazel passed the CGC test I didn’t think much about it, but when we got the certificate in the mail I felt really proud.  She was not an easy dog to train and it was nice to have something to show for all our effort.  My husband was secretly proud too.  I caught him bragging to some neighbors about an hour after he saw her certificate.

Let Gentle Canine help you create training goals for your best friend.  Show off your accomplishments. You never know where it might lead.

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