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Why train with Gentle Canine? We have successfully handled and trained thousands of dogs. Our specialty is behavior of the family dog. We have built our reputation on integrity, knowledge, kindness, and professionalism. We are the kind of people you feel comfortable inviting into your home to work with your family. We live and work in the Durango and Farmington area. We are your neighbors and your friends.

We work with our own dogs on a daily basis. We understand that if we don’t want to do something with our dogs, our clients probably won’t do it either. We are realistic about what to expect from our dogs, but we also expect a lot from them. We are fair and kind, but we have rules and boundaries.

We think engagement is the most important aspect of training. That simply means without your dogs attention you can’t expect anything from them. We have a lot of tools that we use to create engagement and by tools we mean games, toys, and treats.

We focus on the relationship you have or want with your dog. If you get an adult rescue dog you’re always going to be working around his past. In many cases rescue dogs can overcome great tragedy and become all the things you wanted them to be. Other times they will have some baggage that you will have to manage and work with on a daily basis. Whatever the circumstance Gentle Canine can help you make that transition easier and your bond stronger.

About Us and Our Training Philosophy

We understand how dogs learn, and that not all dogs learn the same way. This is why we offer private in home lessons as well as group classes. We keep our group classes small and focused, we find with smaller groups we get more success and less frustration. Our private in home and around town lessons cover a wide range of skills, from puppy manners to behavior modification, we help you and your family get on track with the a personalized training protocol.

There are a lot of tools in our world of dog training. Just go to any pet store and you will find racks of magic leashes, collars, and harnesses all claiming to “stop your dog” from doing something. Here’s the deal…when you train your dog sometimes you need certain tools so you can safely get from point A to point B. The end goal is to be able to get rid of the tool because your training has been done effectively and the tool is no longer needed. Of course you have exceptions such as the safety of human or dog.

German Shepherd Training

We follow new developments in dog training. Many dog trainers follow the behaviorism theories which follow the science of Pavlov, Skinner, Watson, Pinker, Premack etc. Our national exam certification was based in that science and it’s an excellent jumping off point, but we are excited about some newer ideas that are coming out in animal learning. The best part about science is that it is constantly evolving and what we understood 10 years ago could be replaced with a better idea at anytime.

“If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.” ~Red Adair


Our approach to aggression is smart, simple, and effective. We give you tools that you can use in any environment. We teach you about the dog’s body language and the signals they are sending.


Want to certify your dog for the the Canine Good Citizen (CGC)?  The CGC is an official title offered by the AKC to dogs of all mixed and pure breeds and Gentle Canine is the the Southwest’s CGC testing source.


Nosework is derived from scent detection a way for pet dogs to learn how to use their nose to scent out things on cue.  It’s simple for humans to practice and provides excellent mental stimulation..

Trek & Train

Want to explore Durango area trails with your dog, but not sure how to get started?  Maybe you are new to Durango or you would feel better learning with some seasoned hikers and dog experts!


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Amber Pickren
Amber Pickren / Owner & Lead Trainer

Amber has over 9 years experience running a dog boarding facility.  She has easily handled over 10,000 dogs in her career.  Amber passed the CPDT-KA in 2013 so she is now both a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

When Amber is not working with dogs she is traveling the world with her husband Matt or hanging by ropes from rock walls or taking pictures of wildlife on Safari.